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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweet and Nasty roasts The Burlesque Mayor of NYC

Sweet and Nasty burlesqueThe burlesque world is but rarely graced with figures of towering talent, matchless intellect, humanitarian instincts and unrestrained charisma; and Jonny Porkpie falls short of greatness in not only these but so very many other ways, as well. On Monday, March 30, Sweet and Nasty presents PORK ROAST at The New Monday Night Burlesque: a true burlesque birthday roast of the self-proclamined "Burlesque Mayor of NYC."

"Jonny Porkpie has been a personal thorn in my side for years now," claims host and producer Nasty Canasta. "It's about time someone knocked him down a few pegs - and you wouldn't believe how long the list of volunteers was to do just that." PORK ROAST will do the traditional comedy roast one better, by adding performances by some of New York's biggest stars of burlesque and variety in a tassel-twirling, boob-baring tribute to Porkpie and his unique style of 'man-lesque'. As Monday Night Burlesque producer Doc Wasabassco adds, "It's especially hard for male performers to make it in burlesque: they need a certain extra something, and Jonny ... well, he just hasn't got it. He does have nice hair, though."

Since 2006, Sweet and Nasty has been adding its own unique mix of glam camp, historical fact, and blatant lies to the New York burlesque scene. Sweet and Nasty currently appears on the last Monday of every month at Public Assembly, as part of The New Monday Night Burlesque. Their March extravaganza, PORK ROAST, is the centerpiece of a jam-packed evening of burlesque entertainment: preceded by The Kickoff at 9pm, and followed by the Monday Night Blue go-go dance party at Midnight. Plus two happy hours: preshow 8-9pm, and post-show midnight until closing.

Little Brooklyn, Albert Cadabra, Clams Casino, Anita Cookie, GiGi La Femme, Neil O'Fortune, Ruby Valentine and Doc Wasabassco are warming up the oven and sharpening the knives, and roastmaster Nasty Canasta is setting the table for PORK ROAST, a burlesque birthday roast of Jonny Porkpie at Public Assembly for one night only, Monday, March 30 at 10pm.

Monday, March 30 @ 10pm
at Public Assembly, 70 N. 6th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Admission: $10

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