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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dolphina's Cardio Burlesque Goddess Workout

Cardio BurlesqueTime to add some Valentine’s sizzle to your shimmy? Dolphina has the workout for you.

In Cardio Burlesque - the latest in the Goddess Workout series, Dolphina teaches cabaret-style moves that will sculpt and define your entire body.

A West Coast belly-dancer by training, Dolphina began performing burlesque at a yearlong residency at the Viper Room in Hollywood with the original Pussycat Dolls. She decided to turn her act into a workout.

“You’ll be amazed how the shimmy can get your heart rate up, burn calories and shake off those pounds,” said Dolphina during a phone interview from Marina Del Rey, Calif. “Sculpting, toning and lengthening in a feminine way. Much like Pilates, you keep your curves.”

The 45-minute workout burns 400 calories, starting slowly and building into a full cardiothumping exercise that requires a lot of attitude.

In “Beyond Basics Bellydance,” Dolphina offers a total body workout. One move called “snake arms” requires you to alternately roll each shoulder, elbow and wrist making a wave motion that mimics the movement of a serpent. Your biceps really start to burn. If done properly, you can target that little tricep area,” Dolphina explained. “After doing the workout three times a week for three weeks, there’s something magic that happens, and it’s more than just the technique,” she said. “It’s the feeling of letting go, feeling free and liberated.”

The third week should also bring the dawn of definition, as your waist begins to slim.

“It’s nice to have these moves in your back pocket,” Dolphina said. “It gives you confidence.”

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