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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lil Mynx Removable Dance Poles

stripper pole, dance polesThis post is a review of the Lil' Mynx removable dance pole. So what are some of the features that separate this pole from the others?

Firstly, the Lil' Mynx is removable. The pole itself does not bolt to the floor or ceiling. The standard ceiling mount does require 1 bolt into a joist which can be found using a stud finder. In addition to the standard ceiling mount, The Pro Pole comes with a friction ceiling mount although you must still find a joist to straddle. Keep in mind this is held in place by friction and cannot withstand as large a side load as the bolted mount.

Check out their range of customizable removable dance poles.

The removable nature of our product offers the flexibility of only having the Lil' Mynx in place when you want to use it. You regain the space in your room when the pole is not in use. You can simply store the Lil' Mynx under your bed, behind the couch, or in a closet when finished.

Want to learn how to dance like a pro? Lil Mynx also have instructional DVDs!

Second, the majority of Lil' Mynx dance poles are 2 inch in diameter and come standard to adjust in length to be used with an 8-10 foot ceiling. If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet they can make a shorter pole at no additional charge. The main body of the pole is approximately 8 feet on all poles, except custom. This is the usable dance area of the pole. The slider tube (the smaller adjustable tube that couples the ceiling mount) can never be used as a part of the dance area.

The Lil Mynx Petite is a 1 ¾ inch diameter pole. This is a great pole for small hands. The Petite has 12 inches of adjustment and installs the same as a standard Lil' Mynx with the bolt in mount.

Third, the finish on the poles is an important thing to consider. The powder coated finish Red, White, Black or Pink is a durable long lasting paint that is great for climbing and posing as it has the best grip. Stainless poles are great for spins but have much less grip and are harder to climb. Please think about what you will be doing with the pole and choose the best one for your needs.

Fourth, you have the choice between the Original Lil' Mynx or Petite, which are stationary removable dance poles, the Lil' Mynx "Rotator", a combination spinning/stationary removable dance pole or the Lil' Mynx Pro Pole, a 2-piece stationary portable dance pole.

The Original Lil' Mynx dance pole is a simple, easy to install pole that is adjustable from 8-10 feet. It is a stationary pole and is available in red, white, black, pink or stainless steel.

The "Rotator" has a smart designed bearing assembly in the base that allows the pole to rotate freely. It also has a lockout pin that will lock the pole into place and make the pole stationary when desired. It's like 2 poles in 1! Other than the bearing assembly and lockout pin both poles share the same installation and quality features.

The Pro Pole is a 2-piece stationary design with a handy carrying case for use from 8 to 10 foot ceilings. The accessories included are bolted ceiling mount, friction ceiling mount, non-skid floor pad, stud finder and tape measure. This pole is fully portable!

Fifth, while the Lil' Mynx was designed with carpeted floors in mind they offer a small pad for use on non-carpeted floors as well, including hardwood, tile, cement, etc.

The Lil' Mynx is very easy to install. It takes less than 10 minutes for the initial installation and weighs a mere 20 lbs. Our simple design incorporates a unique ceiling mount, disguised as a plant hook for discretion, that requires only a single screw into a main joist in the ceiling. A patent pending threaded compression system holds the Lil' Mynx in place. It can handle a person up to 200 pounds. When the pole is put away all you have left is a functional plant hook in the ceiling. After initial installation it takes only seconds to put up or take down, with no tools needed.

Permanent Poles
The Lil' Mynx permanent pole is great for studios or those that want/need a permanent pole. Unlike all the other permanent poles on the market, our mounting flanges are built to last. They are not flimsy flanges intended for use on bar rails. The base and top mounts are cast iron and powder coated black.

So go have a look for yourself, Lil Mynx removable dance poles.

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