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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introducing: The Carolina Heartbreakers

The Carolina HeartbreakersMiss Rachel Riot, Miss Mary Wanna, and Miss Lila Lavender and Miss Cherry Bomb have joined forces to bring you the brand newest burlesque troupe in the South: The Carolina Heartbreakers.

The Carolina Heartbreakers were conceived by Cherry, when she moved back to her home state in October, she started to research the local NC burlesque scene. New York City, being the dynamic center of urban creativity that it is, has a thriving burlesque scene. Every night of the week, there is a burlesque show or two to be found somewhere on the stages of that city. As a performer, this is fortuitous, because if you do your booking properly, you can stay fairly busy.

North Carolina, on the other hand, has a much more subdued scene. There are shows popping up here and there, but The Triangle has no burlesque "scene" to speak of. Cherry found this fact quite surprising, considering the wide range of creative, intellectual, and performer types that make their home in the RDU.

She was fortune enough, thanks to word of mouth, to stumble across 3 talented and beautiful women who are also very skilled burlesque performers:
Miss Rachel Riot, Miss Mary Wanna and Miss Lila Lavender - a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead, all different beautiful body types, all different styles of performance.

Cherry was stoked, not only because it meant they could build a scene and have spaces to indulge in tease, but also because it was something unique and thrilling that they could bring to an area already thriving with new ideas. Scandalous!

Make sure you checkout their official links below for upcoming performances, we are looking forward to seeing some videos and hearing your reviews.
The Carolina Heartbreakers on Myspace
The Carolina Heartbreakers on Facebook

Carolina Heartbreakers

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