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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dita Von Teese Is Looking for Mr Right

Dita Von Teese
She was married to shock rocker Marilyn Manson, which is why, some say, today she is that famous to start with. However, there’s more to Dita Von Teese than just her burlesque acts that have become internationally known and appreciated, as also is more than just her marriage to Manson. As proof of that, she is now looking for a partner that is as close to normal as possible, as she herself admits.

Dita opened up about her failed relationship to Marilyn on only a few occasions, preferring to let people think what they would. This time, though, she says that divorce was one of the most painful experiences she’s been through so far.

As a matter of fact, other than changing her life altogether, divorce also meant for Dita a self-imposed ban on dating for an entire year, the star says.

“After the divorce I was going through complete heartbreak. It changes you.” Dita tells the media in one of her most recent interviews. “After a split, a lot of men put on a band-aid by getting another woman. I wanted to deal with the break-up and learn from it and I’ve done that now. I wanted to come through it and be able to love again as if my heart had never been broken.” she further explains.

Now that she has moved on, Dita shares, she is ready to start another relationship, should she meet the right guy for it. As strange as it may sound, the dancer is admittedly over the Marilyn Manson-type of men, and is now looking for normalcy, both in terms of appearance and behavior. Come to think of it, if one is to believe what Dita is saying, she’s going for the complete opposite of Marilyn, and wants boring.

“The only thing is, at the moment I’m definitely not looking at musicians. I’m attracted to normal, sweet-looking guys in sweaters. I’m finished with the leather trousers and eyeliner types. You can have a roller-coaster ride with a guy in a sweater.” Dita confesses. As of now, she has still not found that man she’s looking for, but, given her beauty, it’s likely she won’t be waiting for too long for it to happen.

Dita and Marilyn married in November 2005, after dating for four years. In December 2006, the dancer filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences,” but altogether refused to bad-mouth her more famous husband in the media for extra coverage. It is precisely this attitude of hers that got her even more fans after splitting from Marilyn, as compared to when she was still with him.

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