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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Curtain Call for the Box Burlesque Club?

Simon HammersteinPoor Simon Hammerstein. First, the burlesque club owner's employee abusing-and-sexing ways were exposed when one of his star burlesque acts quit the Box, along with the tech staff.

Then, CityFile rightly and hilariously accused him of setting the entire financial crisis into motion by reminding us that "It all goes back to Friday, March 7th when sleazy club owner Simon Hammerstein, headband-wearing scenester Arden Wohl, gay party boy Derek Blasberg, heiress Amanda Hearst, and gala staple Claire Bernard turned up at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the closing bell."

Now, the Box has been denied a renewal for its liquor license, the Observer reports. Then the neighbors showed up, wielding virtual pitchforks and complaining about getting carded while trying to get into their buildings:

"Alleged misrepresentation is just one of the club’s—er, dinner theater’s!—problems. Residents of the surrounding area say they are tired of wading through a sea of bottle-addled hipsters every time they walk down the block—the place has apparently been getting noise complaints since day one. Even more damning, people from the building next door showed up to inform the board that they often get carded trying to get into their apartments."

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