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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anita Cookie’s Underground Burlesque Gameshow

Anita CookieIt’s The Price Is Right with boobs and booze! Hosted by New York City-based burlesque performer and producer Anita Cookie, ANITA’S UNDERGROUND GAME SHOW is chock full of fun, drinking, and games, games, games, each played by a different randomly selected contestant from the audience!

Prizes include a bunch of burlesque baked goods, pasties, decorative drinking glasses, pretty pasties, free beer, a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park, or even tickets to another show! Products provided by Saucy Sweets, handmade by Ms. Cookie herself.
Anita is accompanied by her live band “The Kindergarteners”, Ari and Zach. They’re two cute Jews who REALLY know how to play their instruments. Who could ask for anything more!

The dazzlingly drunk host is accompanied by her live band The Kindergarteners, and visited each month by a different celebrity Drinking Buddy who will perform a secret special talent… but you’ll have to be there to see who it is and what they can do!

“Anita Cookie was hands-down the most humorous act of the evening. Her tequila tinged Betty Boop was hilarious …”
-Daniel Harvey

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