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Monday, February 4, 2008

Burlesque Dancer vs Lumberjack - the Wife Swap Aftermath

Sabrina McDonald, Ravenna Black"The day after," both Moms talk about what happened when the cameras were off.

Sarina McDonald, mother of two who is a real estate agent by day and burlesque dancer by night, switches lives with Andrea Robarge, mother of four and chainsaw lover. Sarina's progressive ways make the lumberjack Dad stiff as a board. And Andrea's ban on all things burlesque makes the other dad cry. Both Andre and Sarina, (Ravenna Black, pictured) talked to us about their experiences on last night's Wife Swap.

ML: How did your kids react when you returned home?

Andrea: When I first walked through the door, everyone burst into tears. I never thought of us as a very huggy, touchy feely family until I was away for two weeks. I realized how much I missed hugging my kids.

Sarina: It was very emotional. No contact was made whatsoever for the entire time I was away so, when we saw each other we were wrecks.

ML: What movie best describes your experience on the show...It’s a Wonderful Life, Beauty & The Beast or Nightmare on Elm Street?

Sarina: Um…it’s a combo of It's A Wonderful Life and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Andrea: I'd have to say, It's a Wonderful Life, because it was a good experience.

ML: Best and worst moment?

Sarina: The best moment for me was seeing Wally and Matt bond after my encouragement, and the worst part was coming home and finding out what my husband was put through. Andrea really rode him about his support of my burlesque career. She felt that he wasn’t standing up to me. Dancing is my creative outlet, and its OK for him to support it.

Andrea: The best part of doing this show for me was was overcoming my fear to burlesque dance, I'm proud of that. I had the hardest time putting the outfit on because I kept thinking my kids were going to see me in it. The worst part was hearing that Sarina said she hasn't changed anything in her house since I was there. I thought I helped them see they needed more family time together. I recognize what Sarina brought to my attention, like talking to my kids about sex. It's an uncomfortable thing for me that I had to overcome.

ML: If asked to do the show again, would you?

Sarina: I would not do it again. It was a pretty grueling schedule and very difficult. Nothing prepares you for it. Not speaking to my family for two weeks was too hard.

Andrea: If asked when we first finished, I would have said no. But now looking back, yes.

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