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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

100 Years of Make-up, Part 9: 1980s

1980s makeup1980s
Materialism and consumerism are the buzzwords and a super-glam look personifies the get-rich-quick philosophy of the times. Vanity is celebrated and decadent; expertly applied make-up symbolises the high-maintenance grooming of the trophy wife.

The 'Princess Di' becomes the most popular hairstyle of the decade. Paradoxically, the increasing profile of animal rights groups highlights the vivisection inherent in the survival of the cosmetics industry.

Growing consumer unease is appeased by The Body Shop. Founder Anita Roddick's aim of sourcing cruelty-free and natural ingredients from ancient cultures and threatened communities, while highlighting global issues, proves that conscience shopping can be a commercial winner.

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