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Thursday, February 14, 2008

100 Years of Make-up, Part 10: 1990s

1990s makeup1990s
Consumers become increasingly sophisticated. A desire to enhance one's natural beauty with lighter, less visible formulas results in a scientific approach to cosmetics that appeals to users. Cosmetics no longer just cover-up but are 'light-reflecting' and 'wrinkle-defying', too.

The battle to rid the body of cellulite with expensive creams and body-toners dominates, while the growing interest in celebrity looks sees top make-up artists such as Bobbi Brown launching highly successful independent ranges.

Supermodel Iman, frustrated by the appalling lack of ranges to suit women of colour, succeeds with her own make-up line. Meanwhile, Isabella Rossellini, famously dumped by Lanc me for being too old at 43, launches her own Manifesto range, designed to suit women of all ages.

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