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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Burlesque Beauty for Winter Time

Burlesque makeupThis season, skin looks healthy. Tanning and radiant bronze skin are absolutely out, while matt fairness rules. The entire dryness is completed by emphasized eyes and lips.

Glam diva

Eyes demand drama and are fully prepared for flirting. For the brave ones, designers suggest cat eyes: heavy and emphasized eye liner line and mascara on both top and bottom eye-lashes. Tones vary from sophisticated matt ones reminiscent of the 40`s, up to glam metallic tones that play with bronze shadows. Emphasized drama of the eyes is balanced with transparent lip gloss, giving birth to a frosty wet look.

We also have lip stick which has raised the bar between girls and women. Vamp lips become a mystery that every woman covets – red tones with a touch of brown. The rule which states more on the eyes, less on the lips and vice-versa still applies.

Great names of the fashion scene Valentino, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci have embraced the magnificent return of the golden years of the silver screen, with a replica of curls on hair tips.

Therefore, take out your grandma`s curlers and go! Everyone with a slightly more modern family tree can seek comfort in their mother`s round hair brush and their blow-drier. Don`t forget to add the powerful impression of make-up for the diva look: mahagony colored lips and long, long eye-lashes.

Burlesque TrendsIce Queen look

Givenchy, Viktor & Ralph, Chanel and Burberry suggest mischievous boyish look as a contrast to femininity and glam.

The fairy girl has been revived with smooth long, straight hair, porcelain complexion with discretely emphasized pink cheeks and shadows of turquoise blue and white on eye lids. Cold, pale, like a ghost from the most beautiful night mare.

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