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Friday, January 1, 2010

Honey and Spice: Sensual and Fierce Burlesque

Jo Weldon Instructional Burlesque DVDLooking to get started in burlesque? If you want to give it a shot in the privacy of your own home, Joe Weldon's Honey and Spice: Sensual and Fierce Burlesque instructional DVD might just be what you're looking for!

Jo Weldon aptly describes burlesque as a "sophisticated and theatrical art with a long history," and it's a history that will go well into the future, in many forms. Anyone planning on a Broadway musical career should learn what Jo has to teach in this DVD, because sooner or later, they'll need to know. One has only to see the late great Bob Fosse's choreography ("Cabaret," etc.) to know what many of his ideas were based on...burlesque!

Jo covers many subjects in this DVD, and teaches 2 routines. The first is "Honey," which is smooth and sensual with a feather boa, the 2nd is "Spice," which is faster and raunchier because it includes the classic "bump and grind" moves. Both are demonstrated and broken down step by step for easy absorption, and are simple to learn. It's the style that takes practice, in this "art of concealing and revealing."

Jo among her many credits is founder of the New York School of Burlesque. The music used is terrific and very authentic, and is drummer and bandleader Ronnie Magri's Shim Sham Revue- Music of New Orleans Burlesque Shows of the 30's, 40's & 50's

There is a Warm-Up section, and the "Extras" are excellent, and are on costuming. Stockings (runs are O.K., but the seams better be straight!), corsets, and those special little tassels. You'll learn how to glue `em and move `em. They are demonstrated on a bra, but of course are supposed to be applied to your skin. These days we are used to seeing actresses on the screen "in the buff" and it is so boring. Jo does much more just taking off a single glove.

This video is simply fantastic! Jo is the perfect teacher- wise, gentle, and patient. These combinations are a blast to do and really make you feel sexy and sassy. I highly recommend this video for anyone interested in the world of burlesque, stripping and sexual confidence.

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It's only $14.99 on Amazon at the moment, get your Honey and Spice: Sensual and Fierce Burlesque instructional DVD here!

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