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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot: Detroit's Burlesque Scene

Roxi Dlite. Sparkly Devil. Lottie the Body.

Names that suggest women of dangerous character, who make you think twice about who you're dealing with. Just who are these ladies, and what's with the elaborate stage names?

These are the notorious ladies of Detroit's burlesque scene.

Most might not be familiar with them, unless they happen to also attend such memorable Detroit events such as The Dirty Show, The Marquis De Sade Ball recently held at the Eagle Theater in Pontiac, Michigan, and the extremely successful "Wonderland", a sexy production of the Lewis Carroll classic. It seems that a healthy world of erotica is thriving in the Motor City, and these ladies have made it their mission to raise public awareness (among other things) and fiercely practice the art of burlesque.

Historically, burlesque was created by Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes, then introduced to America in the late 1860's. They performed traditional theater with racy costumes and eventually elements of vaudeville, cabaret and striptease were thrown into the mix. This was followed by the modern strip club, which unfortunately may have caused a decline of interest in the subtle arts of burlesque. However, thanks to the efforts of such groups as SPAG, Causing a Scene Productions and Where the Boys Are, the beauty of this almost lost practice will not be forgotten. At least one thing's for sure - the ladies won't let you.

A great opportunity to see the fine art of burlesque will be the upcoming Detroit Erotica Ball on October 24, 2009 at Bert's Warehouse in Eastern Market. Let these lovely ladies remind you that titillation needn't be in the form of a $20 lap dance. And bring a date - you can both have a good time.
By Raquel Salaysay of

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