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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet and Nasty Burlesque Presents: LIES

Sweet & Nasty Burlesque Presents: LIESLIES: The Absolutely & Completely True History of Sweet & Nasty Burlesque

As Sweet and Nasty Burlesque celebrates it's three-year, one-month, three-week and four-day anniversary, we take a look back at the people and things that made us Thailand's number-one burlesque show from 1974 to 1996, inclusive. On Monday, July 27th, LIES: THE ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY TRUE HISTORY OF SWEET & NASTY BURLESQUE delves into the sordid past and improbable future of the greatest entertainment juggernaut ever to strip its way from the Lower East Side, across southeastern Wales, and into Brooklyn.

"Nothing compared to the pride we felt after bringing irrigation systems to drought-blighted Swedish villages," says host, producer and shifty-eyed prevaricator Nasty Canasta. "Then Sweet and Nasty won the Oscar for Best Sound Design in 1992, and I thought our joy was finally complete. But now, belatedly celebrating our third anniversary in a former mayonnaise factory in Williamsburg ... well, I just can't imagine where we could possibly go from here." Canasta will call out some of the performers most responsible for this mess: style maven Miss Ruby Valentine; Albert Cadabra (magician, bald); charm-school dropout GiGi La Femme; our Canadian cousin Hard Corey; super-smartypants Precious Little; rapper and grammaticist Schaffer the Darklord; Sunday-night burlesque scion Fem Appeal, and other, even less-savory characters. The show will also feature a good old-fashioned Sweet and Nasty raffle for suckers, tributes to Door People Through the Ages, and special appearances by The Ugly Brothers, inspirational meddler Frank Applebaum, and surprise guests.

Since 2006, Sweet and Nasty has been adding its own unique mix of glam camp, historical fact, and blatant lies to the New York burlesque scene. Sweet and Nasty currently appears monthly at Public Assembly; their July extravaganza, LIES, celebrates three years of bringing the highest-quality burlesque entertainments to New York City and beyond.

The truth will finally be told - by Albert Cadabra, Fem Appeal, GiGi La Femme, Hard Corey, Precious Little, Ruby Valentine, Schaffer the Darklord, and special surprise guests. Reformed Mouesketeer and Franciscan friar Nasty Canasta presents LIES: The Absolutely & Completely True History of Sweet & Nasty Burlesque at Public Assembly for one night only, Monday, July 27th at 10pm.

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Boudoir Photographer said...

Really am looking forward to attending. It should be an amazing show.