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Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is Burlesque Rocks NY!

this is burlesquePhoto by C. Patrick Wade

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing This is Burlesque at Corio, NY. This is my experience...

In the Dim and Intimate setting at Corio, all eyes are already on the stage, so far empty except for the framed red velvet curtain.

Then the girls emerge and allow patrons to have photos taken with them prior to the show.

The menu? There is food, but I'm not much interested in eating. The Cocktails however, caught my eye. Drinks such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm and Satan’s Angels. And, of course, Champagne.

The crowd is about 50/50 in the gender department and tonight the club is hosts a very enthusiastic bucks night and a far more enthusiastic hens night!

Miss Exotic World Angie Pontani is the first act to emerge on stage. Looking very much Burlesque Queen wearing an amazing steel boned fishtail corset dress she wowed the crowd to almost silence. (With exception to the hoot or odd whistle.) She teased her way free of the corset dress to reveal pasties to die for, pink Swarovski crystals.

Between acts a Lil Miss Lixx playing the cheeky maid comes on stage to fetch the discarded clothes and has to bend over… bending over quite a lot actually “oops!”.

Next, PeekaBoo Pointe who is touted as “The fastest twirler from East to West!” gets her gear off faster than any other Burlesque show I’ve been too and reveals her talent of seriously fast twirling!

The next act features Helen Pontani who performed a seduction in an amazing Feathered skirt and tap danced all the way to a the splits. What can I say? The girls got talent!

Melody Sweets was amazing. She has the voice as well as the looks and performs a fan dance while she singing. Melody is clearly talent and manages to capture the very essence of heyday burlesque.

We were lucky enough to be there for Lil' Miss Lixx's 1st performance. After downing a few shots for courage she danced her way through a cute act with Maracas’. The patrons are then all invited to come on stage for their own round of shots. Mmm free shots.

Angie Pontani, Coney Island’s “Miss Cyclone” does an amazing dance to French music with ballerina theme and performs the entire act classicly on her toes.

At this point I've had a few drinks and I'm sure I'm enjoying myself too much and not taking notes on all of the performances, such as a can-can number and a finale featuring all of the girls, it's just too easy to get caught up in the fun :)

For a great night out in New York I highly recommend see This is Burlesque. You can order drinks from your table, they also have a well thought out menu with food available and in this amazing setting, adding its own touch of Glamour to the New York Burlesque Scene. So get in there Guys and Dolls, you’d be mad not to find out what all the fuss is about!

Checkout This is Burlesque
Address: CORIO, 337 West Broadway at Grand Street, NYC (212) 966-3901

Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect:

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