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Friday, June 5, 2009

Comedy + Burlesque = Live Nude Comedy

Actress Shannon Elizabeth has thrown her hat into the stand-up comedy ring by way of hosting a novel comedy special: Live Nude Comedy will air on Showtime July 16. Unlike any comedy special built for mass consumption, Live Nude Comedy features some of the country’s biggest up and coming stand-ups as well as lots of sexy burlesque dancers.

Executive producer, actress and stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings thought it was an excellent opportunity to see comedians air out and do their edgier material in a well-produced special.

“I know so many amazing comics who can’t showcase their real voice because TV shows play it safe,” Cummings tells Punchline Magazine. “There’s so much censorship and Standards & Practices is a nightmare. But nothing was off limits on this show and it gave comics a chance to show off their edgier material and really let loose on taboo topics.”

Comedians featured on the special are: Ian Edwards, Steve Byrne, Sam Tripoli, K.T. Tatara, Harris Wittles, Mike Young, Tig Notaro, Chris D’Elia, Mike Faverman, Michael Kosta, Andy Dick and Cummings.

Buy why the burlesque dancers?

“We wanted a gritty, vaudeville feel; the burlesque dancers complement the stand-up by giving the audience time to breathe between comics. A lot of the burlesque is funny, instead of just sexy; it has a fun vibe instead of a dirty vibe.”

Comedy sketches featuring the likes of Josh Fadem and Michael Busch will open the show. “It just really feels like a celebration of comedy more than anything else,” says Cummings. Check out the show teaser below. Enjoy!

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