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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Pasties Reviewed

Get Pasties recently introduced the world’s largest online pasties store through their website at, featuring over 50 fab designs. Sure, they're not the only pastie store on the web, but what sets them apart is their quality, designs and price.

The guys and gals over at Get Pasties sent us a couple sets of fabulous pasties from their signature line to review, here are the censored pasties in packaging:
get pasties
And here's whats included: 2 x pastie (of course), alcohol swab and application instructions. Rose pasties pictured:
booby blingThe pasties stick securely using a medical-grade, 3M self-adhesive and are safe for skin. Simply peel of the backing, position and stick. You can expect to get around 6-8 hours of wear with no problems. They are re-usable and will last for years if cared for, but will require the additional purchase of pasties glue.

rose pastiesRose Tattoo with Tribal lines Pasties

These pasties look great in the product photo and even better in person. It's not until you have these pasties in your hand that you appreciate their quality.

You may not be able to tell from the images but these pasties are actually fully embroidered, meaning they will look great and will stand the test of time and wear.

This design provides a generous amount of coverage, we think they would go great with a classic vintage burlesque performance.

Checkout the Rose Tattoo with Tribal lines pasties for yourself here.

censored pastiesCensored Booby Bling Pasties

These pasties are simply awesome! In contrast to the rose tattoo pasties we think these have a more modern feel to them, we can imagine exposing these towards the end of a routine, making quite the reveal!

These are also embroidered - all Get Pasties pasties are, being the only company that offers fully embroidered pasties.

Checkout the Censored Boob Bling pasties here.

Here is some great advice for applying and wearing pasties from the Get Pasties site:
* For easier removal for sensitive nipples, apply a water resistant substance (such as Vaseline, Chap Stick) to JUST the nipple, not the whole areola area.
* It's often best to apply with the nipple erect first to avoid the possibility of the Pasties wrinkling later if the nipple does become erect.
* Stick the lower portion of the adhesive on first and then lift slightly before sticking on the top half - be careful not to distort them out of shape.
* Try not to touch the adhesive backing with your fingers during application

Get Pasties also have a girl of the month competition, by sending in images of yourself wearing your pasties you can win a gift pack (containing pasties of course!) and also be featured on the site as the girl of the month.

For the largest online selection of pasties styles to choose from, and more pasties being added all the time, see for yourself how offers the perfect combination of style, selection and service.

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