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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sickgirl Creations

Sickgirl CreationsLilith from Sickgirl creations contacted me asking I have a look at her site, Sickgirl creations.

The website is still basic and under constant construction, but her awesome vintage and burlesque inspired items including hats, fascinators and clips are up and available to buy.

All Sickgirl Creations Items Are Limited, so if you see something you like, don't delay! And if you think you might be interested in buying there is also the option to join the Sickgirl Club to get %50 off all of your purchases for Only $20.00 for a full year membership.

Here are a few of the Sickgirl Creations I thought really stood out.

The Lilly Van Katz Hat:
Lilly Van Katz Hat
The Lily VanKatz Hat is made with red linen covered in Black Rose Lace. It has Hand painted and floral scented Red and Black Roses with Ostrich Feather Accents. It has a removable black net veil so you can change your look with just a few snaps. The inner felt lining comes with your choice of a clip or comb to hold your hat in place.

The Dark Blood Feather Fascinator
Dark Blood Feather Fascinator
This clip is handmade with tons of detail. It has a custom hand Curled Blood Red and black feather pad, extra black rooster feather accents behind the black tulling, and a floral cameo accent. The Cameo is mounted on a black bow and the whole clip is backed with black felt.

Checkout the Sickgirl Creations website to see more.

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