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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Headline Honeys keep old-time Vaudeville current

Alicia Simms-Young, Helen Davis, and Hilary Young-Laite formed the Headline Honeys to offer a different form of entertainment to the city.
Thanks to a small group of dedicated entertainers, the St. John’s performance scene continues to offer a taste of old-time showbiz.

This past weekend saw yet another success from the Headline Honeys, a small local production company focusing on the art of burlesque and Vaudevillian performance.

Dr. Samuel’s Shenanigan Express, a show promising an “entertaining and titillating theatrical experience,” was staged at Rabbittown Theatre last Friday and Saturday night.

“The idea behind Vaudeville is that there is something for everyone – burlesque dancers, comedians, circus performers, and even freak shows... it’s so eclectic and everyone brings something different to the table,’” said Alicia Simms-Young, the show’s producer.

The show was a follow up to Dr. Samuel’s Fantasmagorical Old-Timey Vaudeville Show, a production presented by the Headline Honeys back in March that showcased the talents of performers such as Phillip Goodridge, Krista Hann, Oh Maya Bellydance Company, and David Mercer of the Wonderbolt Circus.

Simms-Young says this past show’s line-up included some of the most talented and accommodating individuals she’s had the privilege of sharing the stage with.
“There’s nothing they can’t do… we are so fortunate to work with such highly creative individuals,” she said of her cast.

It was this abundance of untapped talent in St. John’s that inspired Simms-Young and two fellow performers to found Headline Honeys in the fall of 2007.

The three felt that there wasn’t enough opportunity to perform in traditional Vaudeville style in the city, so they took matters into their own hands. Thus, the small company was formed.
Simms-Young says theburlesque-Vaudeville style, which dates back to the 1800s, is a unique genre and an adventurous and empowering art that deserves attention in the local arts scene.

The Headline Honeys offer workshops and classes for all ages. Visit their Facebook group or myspace at for more information.
By Chelsea Howard

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