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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Burlesque Taking off in the Netherlands

Believe it or not, but in the Netherlands it was only one year ago when the first Burlesque Shows and parties started.

One of the few people who -with love- invested invested time and money into the organising of those parties and help build a burlesque community, is Madame Risquée. She scouted for talent, showed old (and new) burlesque films, helped with music and ideas, and made connections amongst people who now work together for a common goal: to make sure Burlesque won't be a hype, but a long lasting form of entertainment like it is in the States and UK.

Madame Risquée is actually an alias of DJ Charley, who ALSO happens to be Charles the Wizard, Robin and Marquis DuCharles.

"Within a relatively short time we've got a high standard of performances, nice variété acts and pretty professional shows."

Besides working with Holland's first and most famous starlet Miss Beeby Rose, The madame also works with international performers who live in Holland like Pepper Minsky (USA), Miss Whips (USA) and Antoinette LaBelle (FR).

"Although the last one is an invented type, and actually a Dutch model, the first two are very real....But that's showbusiness," she says.

I would like to ask Burlesque performes to contact me, if they have plans to come to Amsterdam, so we can arrange for a possible guest performance.

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