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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dita Von Teese, Booked, then Cancelled for Royal Birthday

dita von teasePrince Charles got a royal shocker when he discovered that Dita Von Teese, the lovely “dancer” he hired to perform at his son Harry’s birthday bash, is actually a burlesque baby, skilled at dancing in her skivvies.

England’s prince met Von Teese at a the Cartier International Polo Tournament at the Guards Club in Windsor, London. And when 35-year-old Von Teese revealed that she’s a dancer by vocation, Charles signed her up to shake it for Harry’s 24th birthday party in September, according to England’s Daily Star.

When Charles inquired what she did for a living, Von Teese simply replied, “I’m a dancer,” reported the Daily Star.

Later, Charles’ aides explained to him that Von Teese’s act includes, “giving a rhythmic biology lesson in a giant martini glass and doing the sort of things to a massive olive which are illegal in most countries,” the paper reported.

“Poor Charles was so embarrassed when he realized what he’d done,” a source at the polo event told the paper. “He genuinely had no idea about her raunchy stage act. He gnawed his fist to within an inch of its knuckle when his aides explained what sort of dancing she did for a living.”

But, according to the source, Charles wasn’t the only one in for a shock. Von Teese was apparently surprised that the royal invited her to perform in the first place.

“She was stunned when he suggested the idea, explaining that his son loved a good dance,” according to the Daily Star.

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