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Monday, August 11, 2008

Burlesque Hour Delights and Disturbs

INTERNATIONALLY-acclaimed queen of cabaret bizarre Moira Finucane reckons her hit show The Burlesque Hour is all about taking care of people.

The lush and extravagant show has both disturbed and delighted audiences across the world with its fusion of sideshow and circus, old-style chanteuse, Oriental mystery, Victorian melodrama and Gothic thrill but Finucane says people shouldn't be daunted.

"You don't need to be a cutting-edge individual to enjoy The Burlesque Hour," Finucane said. "Because it radiates love and warmth.

"One thing about The Burlesque Hour is that it has been loved by so many audiences young and old, theatre and non-theatre-goers, straight-laced to high-heeled the show has had such a diverse appeal, people should take a punt."

More than 30,000 people across the world have rejoiced in the show's lavish excesses and tonight it will debut in Geelong in the first of three consecutive nights as part of GPAC's winter series Shaken and Stirred.

Finucane stars alongside Moscow-trained circus and burlesque star Azaria Universe, Japanese shock artist Yumi Umiumare and chanteuse Maude Davey, and she likens absorbing the spectacle to being strapped into a plush roller-coaster.

"It takes your breath away and then there's something completely sexy and silly," she said.

A show of a different nature, espionage thriller The Spook, will also fill GPAC's Ford Theatre for three nights.
Danny Lannen

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