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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Striptease Exercise Classes Shutdown

Striptease banBARTLETT, TN - A local exercise studio planning to offer striptease exercise and stripper poles won't open, because code enforcement says it’s an adult business.

Eccentric Studio planned to open in July and offer "Strip to Fit” classes. The exercise class uses stripper poles and strip tease dancing techniques.

But the city of Bartlett did not approve of the dirty dancing and issued a stop work order on the business. That means studio owner, Rachael Vint can't finish building her studio and open.

Vint says she is not violating any city ordinance and that her business is not a sexually oriented business. According to Vint, no men are allowed and women remain clothed at all times. Vint says the "strip to fit" class is a great workout.

Striptease exercises classes are held all over the country and are growing in popularity. In many parts of the country, you can go to classes or even buy at home exercise videotapes to learn how to “Strip to Fit”.

Vint has been holding classes at exercise studios in the Memphis area for the last three years. She says demand for the class was so high, she decided to open a studio on her own.

Vint says Bartlett Mayor, Keith MacDonald, called her this morning and told her, he considered the facility an adult business, and that it would take a court order for her to be able to open for business.

By Jeni DiPrizio

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now why would they shut that down.