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Friday, July 18, 2008

Revealed: Neo-Burlesque Show

creamy stevensLast week, a female performer named Creamy Stevens, all glittery skin and vampy makeup, could be found on St. Marks Place, taking a well-earned cigarette break. “Whoah, what’s going on?” said one guy as he passed, mouth agape. Worth considerably more than the paltry $20 admission fee it demands, the neo-burlesque show "Revealed" offers up a substantial helping of coquetry, comedy and camp, along with other, pinker, softer words beginning with the letter C. Yup, these stripping lasses show the full Monty.

"Revealed" is the brainchild of one Doc Wasabassco (aka Bill Morton), and burlesque performer GiGi La Femme, who looks like a healthy version of Amy Winehouse. Although she displayed the same penchant for self-harm as the burnt-out chanteuse, she did so with a wink and a shiny black paddle, rather than a crack pipe. The host for the evening, Bastard Keith, was an affable fellow who, between sips of the finest rotgut whisky from Philly, even managed to get a laugh out of mentioning 9/11. No mean feat.

As well as all-American girls Creamy Stevens and Ruby Valentine, an international contingent was present in the form of the British Ms. Tickle (a “natural pinkhead,” said Bastard Keith) and Kobayashi Maru from Japan. According to Keith’s introduction, she was born in a little place called Okoge, located in the Okayama prefecture on the island of Honsu. A quick Internet search reveals that Okoge is also the Japanese word used to describe the crust of burned rice left at the bottom of a rice-cooker, and is the slang term for a fag hag.

If that wasn’t enough wordplay, “Kobayashi Maru” is the name of the spacecraft that appears in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, and is the term used by Trekkies to describe a no-win situation. Given her lexical origins, it was no surprise to find that Maru’s performance was more than a sci-fi spoof. Without spoiling the surprise, suffice to say that Maru’s act involves a pair of scissors and the final conversation from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Spookier than The Ring, but a whole lot sexier.
By Anna King

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