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Monday, June 23, 2008

Vintage Burlesque Video: Trapeze Performance

Camera is positioned as if in the audience at a vaudeville or burlesque
show. Two men with long hair and beards in rough clothing appear to be
eating and talking in a box on the left as a female aerialist sits on a
trapeze over the stage and its painted backdrop of trees. Fully dressed
in street clothing, the trapezist removes her jacket and hat before
performing a flip. She stands to remove her skirt and then sits back
down on the bar as she takes off her corset and throws it to the
country bumpkins in the box, who fight over the undergarment. The
trapezist continues to disrobe, removing her shoes, stockings, and
garters, again throwing the latter to the men, and then seemingly hangs
upside down (with her feet anchored off-camera) as she slips off her
petticoat. Thus clad only in tights, trunks, and a camisole, the woman
performs her trapeze act to the increasingly excited men.

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