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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Starting Out in Burlesque Video

Current TV recently produced a piece about Burlesque in Rome that I thought you would appreciate. It follows two women who anxiously decide to participate in a burlesque workshop.

While the very beginning is in Italian, the majority is English. To help these women open-up, the instructor sets the stage and teaches them how to create an identify for themselves as performers, starting with a costume and coining a stage name, to being able to embody any desirable persona: "Burlesque is glamorous, comedy, parody, irony, fantasy..."


kittycat said...

the woman is going on about being angry when she's called a stripper- she is taking her clothes off, ie: stripping. Jeez, face it, you are a stripper-maybe not one in a lap dance club, but you are definitely a stripper! why get angry over it? and yes, this is a female posting the comment, not a pervy old man lol. i love burlesque dancing-how can you not call it stripping when you're going down to ur undies and nipple tassels?!

Burlesque Baby said...

Some Burlesque Dancers take issues with being called a stripper because of the negative stereo type of a "stripper" and everything that comes along with it.

Yes burlesque involves the act of stripping, but I beleive they are in a different class.