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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang in I Heart the 80s Burlesque

80s burlesque, kitty kitty bang bangOne warm spring day, Austin's strip-tease sweeties, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, were walking down the street when suddenly they collided with the briskly pacing video game icon, Pac-Man. The discombobulated but still ever-so-sexy kitties exclaimed, "Hey, you got 80's nostalgia all over my Texas Burlesque!" To which Pac-Man replied, "Hey, you got Texas Burlesque all over my 80's nostalgia!"

And thus, the totally delicious and completely ridiculous combination became Kitty Kitty Bang Bang's latest strip-tease achievement, "I Heart the '80s Burlesque" "We decided to do this show because it is a completely new burlesque experience that is based on a decade that is very endearing to us. What could be more fun than watching a stage full of ladies peel off leg warmers to *Eye of the Tiger* or bump and grind to *Total Eclipse of the Heart*?" says Kitty Kitty Bang Bang creator Stacey Breakall.

Some of the kitties costumes were created *by* noted local designer, Zimka, who has been featured in local magazines such as Austin Monthly and Brilliant and has designed for artists such as Patty Griffin and now, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Stacey says, "The designs Zimka has created for the show are so amazing that I hate to take them off. But I will. Live onstage, Thursday, May 1st, at Emo's Lounge. 10 pm."

Austin, grab your neon mesh muscle shirts and parachute pants cuz this just got real. In case you missed its subtle placement in the above quote: Live, 10:00 pm, on Thursday, May 1st, at Emo's Lounge, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang once again redefines the art of bump and grind while simultaneously summoning the mighty gods of the eighties for the masses.

Directly after the show, The Kitties remain "Hungry Like the Wolf" for the 80s so they "JUMP" off stage after the "Solid Gold" Finale and "Foot Loose" the night away "Dirty Dancing" to the grooves of DJ Charles who will "Rock You Like A Hurricane"!

It's radical!
It's totally tubular!
It's a side order of sexy heavy on the cheese for only $10!

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