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Thursday, May 1, 2008

This is Burlesque (Again)

Burlesque PerformersIt's hard to decline an invitation to ogle sexy dancers and their nipple tassels. So hard, in fact, that we couldn't. As such, we recently checked out This Is Burlesque, an old timey Vaudevillian show with '20s flair. The performance stars funny man Murray Hill and neo-burlesque star Angie Pontani.

Dancers were gussied in elaborate costumes—not to mention perfectly sculpted when said costumes came off. Murray, a crowd favorite, got away with lecherous jokes without seeming creepy, and his interjections throughout the show added to the enjoyment of watching two boobs cycling in opposite directions.

Burlesque has been making major mainstream strides as of late. Angie was featured in a burlesque-based episode of “Gossip Girl,” and Dita Von Teese has been penetrating pop culture with her retro-fetish style, bringing burlesque back en vogue.

Added bonus: This Is Burlesque even sells nipple tassels, if you’re in to DIY twirling.
This is Burlesque

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