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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dita Von Teese Talks about Manson Divorce

Dita von teese, divorceDita Von Teese had a "long list" of reasons to split from Marilyn Manson, including the shock rocker's drug taking.

The pair's yearlong union ended in December 2006, when the burlesque star moved out of their home.

The relationship had deteriorated so much, that when asked by The New York Times of the best thing about their divorce, Von Teese replies, "There's a long list of things."

She adds, "I am happy to have the drugs out of my life."

Von Teese celebrated becoming a single girl in an extravagant fashion: "I took my engagement diamond and had it transformed at Christian Dior in Paris into a beautiful ring. It's nice; it's big. I feel like I suffered greatly for that diamond, and it needed to be reborn into something better.

"One of my big extravagances when I moved out of my former husband's house was a matching pink stove and refrigerator in '50s style."

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