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Monday, March 24, 2008

Science Fiction meets Burlesque

science fiction burlesque
We're pretty sure there was never an episode of Doctor Who in the 1970s where Leela, the barbarian warrior, pulls out her giant knife and slices the Doctor's clothes off... and the Doctor turns out to be a woman. And then Leela loses her jungle bikini and they both end up wearing nothing but panties and the Doctor's scarf. The only place you can see that scenario play out is at a burlesque show like the Pinchbottom Burlesque, which is taking the love of science fiction to a whole new level.

The demented Doctor/Leela scene is just one of the scenarios that plays out in Naked Planet, the science fiction burlesque show from New York troupe Pinchbottom Review. In another scene, Anita Cookie dresses as a hot Vulcan ensign on Star Trek, before stripping down to just two Starfleet insignias (covering her nipples) and a G-string. There's a super complicated plot about an evil galactic empire and rebels searching for an exiled burlesque queen on the Naked Planet, but really the set pieces are what make it awesome. Image above by Dizzy Swank.

Here's a quote from Nasty Canasta, who plays the Doctor:
"I'm not only a burlesque performer, I'm also a card-carrying geek," says Nasty Canasta, "So it just made sense to combine the two passions." When asked to prove her statement, Nasty named all ten actors who played the "The Doctor" in long-running British television show Doctor Who before delivering a point-by-point comparison of every Star Trek captain and hazarding a guess about the identity of the last human Cylon.

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