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Thursday, March 13, 2008

International London Burlesque Festival 2008

Burlesque FestivalOver the past decade the art of Burlesque has grown to near mainstream popularity in North America.

In recent years this Burlesque Revival has shimmied it's way back across 'The Pond' currently taking the UK by storm!

It was only a matter of time before this 'Neo Burlesque Resurgence' would generate the demand for an international showcase in a contemporary city that continues to maintain it's nostalgic aesthetic and reputation as one of the greatest cultural epicenters of the world...

Ladies and gentlemen, Chaz Royal's International London Burlesque Festival is back for a 2nd year, showcasing the best in British Burlesque & beyond!

Chaz Royal is a name that sets the precedent in Burlesque entertainment worldwide having produced Burlesque events in over 200 cities and being the first to successfully book Burlesque tours across North America, the UK and Europe.

With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, all of Chaz Royal's groundbreaking endeavors have culminated to the Burlesque world's grandest event for 2008, The 2nd Annual London Burlesque Festival!

More details as they come...

Performers include (get ready this is a massive list):
Angela Eve *USABurlesque Performer
Angela Ryan *USA
Miss Beeby Rose *Holland
Candy Spots *Canada
Cecilia Bravo *Canada
Charlette De Luxe *Germany
Double Oh Sassy *USA
Fleshoticas *Norway
Fuchsia FoXXX *USA
Gypsy Wood *Australia
La Cholita *USA
Lord Adamant *Ireland
Mademoiselle Katarina *Slovakia
Trixie Malicious *Canada
Virginia Valentine *Sweden
Alessa D'Amour *Brighton
Anna Fur Laxis *York
Baby Bones *Brighton
Blue Betties *Bristol
Bryony Black *Kent
Cha Cha Boom Boom *Hants
Miss Cherry Ripe *ManchesterBurlesque Dancer
Cindy Minx *Leicester
Daison Merriere *Manchester
Diva Hollywood *Liverpool
Dixie Licious *Newcastle
D'Meanour D'Amore *Tottenham
Duchess Demure *East Sussex
Emerald Ace *Nottingham
Esmeralda Underwood *Brighton
Fanny Divine *Manchester
Miss Fay *Brighton
Ms Fleur De Tease *Leytonstone
Miss Fountain *Brighton
Glitter Kittens *Manchester
Heather Sweet *Lancashire
Honey Moon *Brighton
Honour Mission *Brighton
Hula-La *Hants
Infinity Favour *Brighton
Ivy Paige *Kent
Kitten von Mew *Warwickshire
Mancan *Bristol
Miss Midnight Blue *Kent
Misty Lux *ManchesterInternational Burlesque Festival
Persephone Lewin *Essex
Romany Diva of Magic *Brighton
Ruby Red *Hants
Scarlett Daggers *Nottingham
Tenacity Flux *Herts
Therese La Tease *Brighton
Titania Le Fee *Hove
Toxica *Bucks
Vavavavoom *Brighton
Venus Noir *Bristol
Warren Speed *Newcastle
Wicked Lady *Herts
Zelma Du Noir *Plymouth
Agent Lynch
Alaska Blue
Annette Betty
Audacity Rose
Bijou Noir
Chrys Columbine
Claudia de la Creme
Crimson Skye
Desmond O'Connor
Drag Prince William Burlesque Festival 2008
Femme Ferale
Foxtrot India
Lil' Miss Chievous
Lolo Love
Lottie Loveheart
Lydia Darling
Mamzelle Fifi
Marianne Cheesecake
Mia Dante
Mindy The Minx
Minky Lubinsky
Mistress Olivia
Paul J Martin
Pustra & Vile-een
Miss Rose Thorne
Miss Ruby Rocks
Scarletine Delight
Slinky Sparkles
Stella Plumes
Sugar Kane
Trixee Sparkle
Victoria L'Etoile

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