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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bawdy to the Bone Burlesque

pinchbottom BurlesqueWatching a burlesque show in some bars can be terrifying: get too close to a flying tassel in a small lounge and you could lose an eye! But Royale, a dim, sultry lounge on Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue, is the perfect venue for one of Pinchbottom Burlesque’s risque dance revues. In fact, the bar built a new stage specifically for the event.

“It’s a gorgeous, sensuous space with red and tiger print decor,” said Johnny Porkpie, a Pinchbottom organizer and the self-proclaimed “Burlesque Mayor of NYC.”

“We had taken photos there a couple years ago, because we liked the space so much. It’s a place I like to drink; I like the atmosphere. And when they suggested having a burlesque show there, it seemed right for a sexy sort of show.”

“The difference,” Porkpie said, “is that burlesque is an act with a beginning, middle and end, while go-go is dancing to the music that’s in the bar.”

Perhaps if Porkpie’s gals are able to tease a crowd to the show, this troupe of Royale entertainers will return for more bawdy evenings.

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