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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cruising for a bruising: Roller derby is back

Tough Melbourne girls are leading a revival of the controversial roller derby "sport".

The girls are bringing back the biff with the revival of popular 1970s sport.

Today, Victoria's top roller girls take on Adelaide's toughest in a Skate of Origin play-off.

The roller girls play up to three times a week at Dandenong Skate Centre.

The roller derby scene, resurrected in Victoria last year, is thriving, with six teams now playing at the centre and leagues springing up in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

The roller riot is described as a cross between x-treme games and burlesque.

The girls are not afraid to get bruised and battered. The Australian Roller Derby website cautions the sport is for girls who love bruises.

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