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Monday, February 11, 2008

100 Years of Make-up, Part 7: 1960s

1960s make-up1960s
Elizabeth Taylor stars in Cleopatra, setting off an outrageous new fashion trend of 'Cleopatra eyes', where kohl pencil lines are dramatically extended.

Make-up trends become even more exaggerated as 'Swinging London' style kicks in. The model Twiggy epitomizes the look. The emphasis remains on the eyes, with false eyelashes being cited as a must-have item by fashion pioneer Mary Quant, whose hair is fashioned into the revolutionary five-point 'bob' by Vidal Sassoon.

Meanwhile, pale lips in pearlescent hues are influenced by the genesis of space travel.

Diana Ross and the Supremes define the cool, elegant style of young, black America celebrated in the first black beauty magazine, Ebony.

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