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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Princes William and Harry enjoy burlesque show

Prince William and Prince Harry enjoyed a trip to see a 'raw' variety extravaganza this week.

The royal siblings and 10 pals were entertained by acts including US exotic dancers the Wau Wau sisters and French performer La Galu at the Medium Rare show in Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush.

The evening of 'short films, cabaret, comedy, readings, opera, magic and live music' at £70 a ticket wowed Wills, 25, and Harry, 23.

'When the Wau Wau girls came out William and Harry looked stunned,' says a source. 'They're very athletic and were dangling right in front of them. The atmosphere was all very steamy, with the lights down low.

'It was hardly tea with the Queen. Both lads looked transfixed by all the sexy acrobats and sat there cheering and laughing.'

Out of respect for the royal brothers, one routine wasn't quite as naughty as usual.

Normally La Galu shows her boobs and most of the rest of herself,' the source tells the Daily Mirror. 'But she was more modest for the princes.'

Later William and Harry went to their regular haunt, Boujis in Kensington where they met up with Kate Middleton and other pals.

The party is reported to have run up a £15,000 bar bill in just two hours - not hard to do if you're drinking Cristal champagne at £500 a pop.

See the Wau Wau Sisters - NYC's bravest and bawdiest burlesque duo - in this amazing video:

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