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Friday, December 21, 2007

Marc Jaobs, Dita Von Teese naked Charity t-shirts

dita von teese naked, tshirt, t-shirtI came across these t-shirts while browsing the internet for Dita Von Teese related news.
They appear to have been a limited release as mentioned below taken from the website:

The Marc Jacobs t-shirts featuring nude photos of various models and celebrities have been re-issued. I know many people missed out the first time and have been searching for a Dita Von Teese one. So, if you can’t get to a store, (or they’re sold out when you get there) keep checking eBay. They’re bound to appear. That’s where I bought mine when they were initially released.

Collectors item indeed. I was lucky enough to pick up one for around US$40 before word circulated. Months after, I saw a few more sell on ebay for well over US$200.

The Marc Jacob website homepage currently displays a memorial to Clare Lee who died early this year after she lost her battle with skin cancer, which she developed after a number of tanning salon sessions. So, enjoy the lovely Dita Von Teese naked on the shirt but try to take notice of the image as well - protect the skin you're in!

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