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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dita Von Teese: Beauty is relative

Dita Von Teese Style

Beauty is relative: “What you’re not born with, you can create”

Her porcelain face appeared in many cosmetics companies’ campaigns as well as on the covers of fashion magazines Vanity Fair, Vogue and Elle.

“I'm more attracted to glamour than natural beauty. The young Marilyn Monroe was a pretty girl in a sea of pretty girls. Then she had her hair bleached, fake eyelashes, and that's when she became extraordinary. It's that idea of what you're not born with, you can create,” said the burlesque artist.

Von Teese, who openly admits to having had her breasts enlarged, was happy to build on what nature had given her at an early age, which is style: “I had an Aunt Opal, who was very painted - green eye shadow, drawn-on beauty marks, flaming red hair. She smoked from a cigarette holder and swore like a sailor. Most people thought she was vulgar, but I wanted to be like her when I grew up!"

“Am I going to be frolicking about in my G-string in a champagne glass when I'm 60 years old? No.”

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