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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boston Babydolls Angry at Tyra Banks

BurlesqueBoston Babydoll member and former America’s Next Top Model Sarah Hartshorne told Bostonist how the burlesque troupe gave her a boost:

Being a Boston Babydoll certainly boosted my confidence and made me aware of my body, which helped at photo shoots. I was also very comfortable changing in front of people or wearing skimpy outfits, which helped at challenges. Also, dancing of any kind is very similar to modeling, and knowing how to move my body helped in taking good pictures.

After Sarah got bumped from the show, the Boston Babydolls put the smackdown on Tyra:

"Vita is one of the happiest, most positive people I know," said longtime Boston Babydoll member Betty Blaize. "Tyra Banks made her cry. Tyra better not come to Boston any time soon." At well over six feet tall - including her fashionable updo and her high heels - Betty is an imposing figure... even when she's not angry.

Vita/Sarah was eliminated because she has a normal body shape. She is neither plus-sized nor super-skinny, and that fried the circuits of Tyra and her fellow judges. The last episode was tough on Vita/Sarah and on the viewers when Tyra made the models get into unflattering flesh-colored bodysuits and practice sliding up and down a wall and crawling on a floor. The weird bodysuits turned the whole scene into the opposite of sexy.

Then, when she was eliminated, Vita/Sarah cried. When she gave her final goodbyes to Tyra, Tyra got weird, smashing Vita/Sarah's head in between her hands and shaking it. We watched the move a few times, proclaiming, "No, she didn't!"

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